Water and Biotechnologies Part II – after the event

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We are thrilled to announce that for the second time this year, Biotech Atelier organized a Special Edition “Water and Biotechnologies”. We continue following our goal to bring start-ups, innovative companies, and larger businesses in biotechnological development to share details about innovative technologies and best practices that can be applied in the water sector. On 9th November 2021 lecturers with different expertise gathered to speak on important topics in the water sector.

We had a special guest at the opening of the event, Mr. Walter Kling, who is a Secretary General of International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchment Area (IAWD).

The first panel of the conference, “Water Resources and Biotechnologies”, explained why water reuse is becoming a more and more central element. Mrs. Roberta Maffettone, Dipl. Eng. Dobromir Simidchiev, MBA and Mr. Rado Russev were discussing the topic in its details.

In addition, there were a panel focused on “Wastewater and Biotechnologies”, because much data “is hidden” in wastewater. Univ. Prof. Dr. Heribert Insam and Mr. Valentin Nikolov did an overview of the SARS-CoV-2 monitoring activities In the beginning of the discussion Mr. Angel Buzalov as a lawyer in the utility sector explained the ethical problems with GDPR from his perspective.

We talked about “Artificial Intelligence and Water” and the innovations that are changing the future of data analysis. Mr. Michael Stibi, Mrs. Ioana Dobrescu, Prof. Simeon Stoyanov and Mr. Daniel Pierre showed the audience solutions and new generation technologies for data gathering in the water sector.

  • Four Keynote lectures on different topics were held:
  • “Biohydrogel – Saving irrigation water and protecting crops from droughts” by Assoc. Prof. Gibson Nyanhongo
  • “Environmental taxes and Water discharge fees” by Gary Ashford
  • “Anaerobic treatment for wastewater” by Prof. Guenter Bochmann
  • “Developing a one health approach by using a multi-dimensional matrix” by Dr. Laura Kahn
Water and Biotechnologies special event in numbers

Biotech Atelier

Biotech Atelier was founded in 2018 as an annual European conference complemented by satellite events. The conference is organised by Prescriptia and the Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine (BAPEMED).

“Water and Biotechnologies” conference was organized and happened with the kind support and professional assistance of Mr. Kaloyan Ratchev (Vangavis) and Mr. Rado Russev (Hydrolia), and the special contribution of:

Cooperation partner

Institutional partner

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