Biotech Photo Contest

Are you a #BiotechFan?

Join this year’s photo contest of the European Biotech Week 2020 and win €500!

Show us what you got!

Your picture can be as creative, serious or funny as you want it to be! The aim is to capture in a photo, what it is that excites you about biotechnology and its applications in today’s world. The contest will be split into two categories, namely HEALTH or SUSTAINABILITY.  The winners of each category will be awarded with a 500 € cash prize!!

Take a picture that captures what you love about biotech and add a few words to go with it – after all, pictures say more than a thousand words!

Who can participate?

Anyone from student, scientist, researcher to everyday biotech enthusiasts, who are passionate about communicating the benefits of biotech!

How to take part?

Simply upload your picture and story using the form below. Don’t hesitate to reach out to for support!

Don’t waste any more time, join in the biotech fun! You have until the 20th September!

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