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Registration for Biotech Atelier 2020 is now open

Registration for Biotech Atelier 2020 is now open

The annual biotechnology conference of Eastern Europe connecting science and business

On 25th September 2019 Biotech Atelier 2.0 welcomed 240+ attendees with expertise and interest in biotechnology, IT, healthcare, life science, pharma, regulatory and law. Amongst them were 48 high-profile speakers (scientists, entrepreneurs, futurists, business leaders and investors), who led 10+ hours of engaging panel discussions across 18 topics. They included AI and IT in Medicine, ATMPs, the MEGA project, Biobanking and Biomarkers, Clinical Trials, Genomics, Personalized Medicine, Access to Funding, and much more. One fourth of all guests were high-profile decision makers – board members, c-level executives, heads and directors.