Zoltan Lantos headshot

Zoltan Lantos

Professional Head of the Hungarian National Contact Point for eHealth

Founder & CEO, Jill Health Guide

Zoltan Lantos, PhD is Professional Head of the Hungarian National Contact Point for eHealth and representing Hungary at the eHealth Member State Expert Group of the European eHealth Network, expert in the TEHDAS project, leader of the Hungarian Data Save Lives programme, Hungarian representative of Movement Health 2030, Head of Social Innovation Observatory at Health Experience Institute Budapest, and Managing Director of Jill Health Guide ApS in Copenhagen that developes a Virtual Health Guide Platform, with graduation in Immunology, Behavioural Economy and Art Therapy.

Former Global Director of Health Experience Research at the international market research company GfK. His academic focus on human-centered health ecosystem has expanded to social innovation in the age robotization, exploring our human values and social utility of expansive implementation of personal development.


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Catherine Alix-Panabières headshot


Catherine Alix-Panabières, PhD Dr

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montpellier
Director of the Laboratory Rare Circulating Human Cells (LCCRH) à l'Université et CHU de Montpellier
Osman Ugur Sezerman


Osman Ugur Sezerman

Head of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Department
Acibadem Mehme Ali Aydinlar Universitesi
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