Violeta Georgieva-Koleva

Violeta Georgieva-Koleva

EU Brussels Government Affairs Senior Manager


At the EU Brussels office of AstraZeneca, Violeta is responsible for furthering policy and business goals in a cross-functional approach in the EU region. Some of her subjects are supply chain, digitalisation, and oncology-related topics.

Previously, she managed the regulatory and legal affairs of the healthcare biotechnology team of the European association for Bioindustries – EuropaBio, in the areas of advanced therapies, human gene editing and regulatory policy.

After graduating from Law School and before joining EuropaBio in 2014, Violeta has been trained at the European Patent Office, the European Parliament and the European Commission. She is also specialised in Intellectual Property Rights.


Other speakers in 2021

Bogi Eliassen


Bogi Eliasen

Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
Chair of the Danish UNESCO Bioethical Committee
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