Valentin Nikolov


SGP Biodynamics

Mr. Valentin Nikolov is the CEO of SGP Biodynamics Ltd, which is a company with more than a decade of experience in molecular research and diagnostics solutions.

During his time with SGP Biodynamics, Mr. Nikolov has helped introduced molecular techniques in multiple scientific and diagnostic laboratories in Bulgaria. He has also facilitated the successful introduction of various innovations on the market, such as an early diagnostic of LSD in cattle, sequence-based analysis of MTB XDR and parentage analysis in sheep. Mr. Nikolov is currently working on an evaluation of innovative methods for molecular detection of viruses, as well as the development of an efficient workflow for infectious disease monitoring in sewage waters.

Mr. Nikolov holds a Master’s degree in Genetic and Cellular Engineering, and a Bechelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from the Sofia University, Bulgaria.

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