Steven Vandeput

Steven Vandeput, PhD

Advisor Extramuros & Digital HealthAdvisor Extramuros & Digital Health


Steven Vandeput holds a master degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, both at KU Leuven. After his research activities, he held several positions within the university, ranging from project manager of multidisciplinary R&D projects towards research manager and innovation manager being responsible for all industry interactions and tech transfer activities related to biomedical data analytics.

Steven is passionate about health, digital technologies and innovation and is also holder of a MBA on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Since January 2019 he joined beMedTech, the sector federation that represent the industry of medical technologies in Belgium, where he is Advisor for Digital MedTech and Home Care. In that function, he also coordinates the mHealthBelgium portal.


Other speakers in this event

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Bogi Eliasen

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Chair of the Danish UNESCO Bioethical Committee
Kristina Eskenazi


Kristina Eskenazi

Chairwoman of a Managing Board of Bulgarian Health & Life Science Cluster
Co-founder and member of a board of Bulgarian Bioscience Society, AI Cluster Bulgaria and BRAIT (Bulgarian Employer Association Innovative Technologies)
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