Nicolas Garnier

Nicolas Garnier, PhD

Senior Director - Patient Advocacy Lead

Pfizer Rare Disease Global Product Development

Patient advocacy and disease awareness are life-long passions for Dr Nicolas Garnier.

Nicolas is a scientist by training and a published author. He completed his Master’s degree in Cancer Genetics at Denis Diderot University (Paris, France), before completing his PhD degree in Experimental Medicine at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) in 2013.

He then studied the functional genomics of pediatric leukemia at Sainte-Justine Hospital (Montreal, Canada) as a Postdoctoral Fellow before joining Pfizer Canada Medical Affairs in 2015. He then took on the role of Senior Manager Access for Pfizer Canada Rare Disease, where he was responsible for Market Access, HEOR, as well as Policy, in early 2018.

He has built strong relationships with Patient Groups in the Rare Disease and the Oncology space.

In his current role as Senior Director – Patient Advocacy Lead for Pfizer Rare Disease Global Product Development, Nicolas helps the Pfizer Rare Disease clinical teams design and conduct development programs that positively impact the lives of patients and the Rare Disease community.

Nicolas is also leading the SCREEN4CARE public-private IMI consortium on behalf of EFPIA and hopes to address one of the major hurdles for Rare Disease families: the diagnosis journey.


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