Monica Evason

Monica Kleijn Evason

“The Brain Project” founder, Corporate Communications Coach, Patient Advocate, Mum

“Curing happens to us healing, happens by us when we participate actively in our health —physically, mentally and emotionally.”

I’m Monica. Corporate Coach and Trainer but first and foremost I’m a mum. Losing a child has to be the most painful loss in life, nearly losing a child comes a close second. We’re not so good at being brave enough to have the conversations that matter yet bottling them up has a mental and emotional impact on both parent and child. With survivorship thankfully improving in paediatric brain tumours, it’s time we also focus on quality of life after cure.

Story sharing helps activate social connection, a crucial part of healing post survival. It’s an antidote to social isolation. At “The Brain Project” we are on a mission to spread the practice amongst patient advocacy groups.


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