Мао Мао

Mao Mao, MD

Founder and CEO

SeekIn Inc

Dr. Mao Mao is Founder and CEO of SeekIn Inc, a biotech company focusing on cancer early diagnosis and care management. He is also Adjunct Professor of several universities in Asia. He was CSO of BGI Genomics responsible for R&D pipeline and oncology business. He was SVP for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) product development and clinical lab service at WuXi AppTec. He was President of Asian Cancer Research Group (ACRG), a non-profit focusing on the genomic research of the prevalent cancers in Asia. He held several senior positions at Pfizer and Merck in the past. He also practiced as obstetrician/gynecologist and genetic consultant. As one of the founding members of the National Human Genome Center in Shanghai, he established the first high-throughput DNA sequencing facility and pioneered genome research in China. He published 100+ articles in the peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Cell, and Nature Genetics. He is a strong advocate of advancing equitable cancer care through innovation.


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