Jimmy Westerheim

Jimmy Westerstein

Founder & CEO

The Human Aspect

At the age of 13, Jimmy sat in a tree and planned how he would take his own life. From that moment on, his challenges became both his burden and his superpower.

His life took him on a journey around the world via sports, coast guard, international shipping and Doctors Without Borders.

From there, he brought with him a wide range of experiences, but continued to ask himself why mental health was never part of the conversation.

From this, The Human Aspect and the Life Experience Library were born in 2016.

As the founder of THA and lead interviewer he has interviewed more than 750 people from all walks of life, who share their challenges, how they overcame them and tools they learned along the way.

He has led THA from an idea to a global movement that aims to redefine mental health globally.


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