Dimitar Tonev

Dimitar Tonev, Dr.

Drug Development Consultant in Hepatology and Virology

Dimitar Tonev graduated from Sofia Medical University and was trained as hepatologist and pharmaceutical physician in both his native Bulgaria and UK.

He has spent more than 25 years providing services to both big pharmaceutical companies (J&J, Novartis, Roche, BMS and Iqvia) as well as Biotech/Diagnostic/Device companies specialising in the areas of liver and viral diseases. Dimitar created Intercept medical organisation across EU, Canada and AUS/NZ and supported pivotal REGENERATE and POISE clinical trials. In the last few years, he has consulted liver programs of multiple small biotech companies in NASH, PBC, AIH, HBV and HDV. Leading Iqvia in Hepatology provided some unique knowledge of patient pathways, recruitment enrichment as well as patient search strategies in hospital Electronic Medical Records and non-invasive technologies assessing liver disease fibrosis and inflammation. He is a member of Liver Forum for collaborative research, LITMUS and NAIL NIT consortiums as well as the European Society of Diabetology NAFLD study group.


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