Derick Mitchel

Derick Mitchel, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry (IPPOSI)

Derick Mitchell, PhD is the Chief Executive Officer of IPPOSI – the Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry. IPPOSI is a patient-led organisation that works with patients, science & industry to put patients at the heart of health innovation.

Derick has a background in research, strategy and advocacy from over 12 years’ experience spanning a number of leadership roles in research and multi-stakeholder engagement in Ireland and at the EU-level. Derick believes in the power of a united voice when it comes to patient advocacy and the central role of patients and their representative organisations in healthcare and research.

Derick is an elected board member of the European Patients Academy (EUPATI) Foundation, a global initiative which is training patients to become involved in the medicines R&D process. Derick is also chairperson of the Patient Representatives Round Table (Europe) of ISPOR – the Professional Society for Health Economics, Outcomes Research. Derick also serves on the advisory boards and steering committees of a number of health-related initiatives including, the OECD PaRiS Survey initiative, Health Innovation Hub Ireland, the Research Ethics Committee of university College Dublin, as well as the Life & Health Sciences Committee of the Royal Irish Academy.

Derick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology from NUI Galway and a PhD in Molecular Medicine from University College Dublin. Outside of IPPOSI, Derick spends his free time attempting to influence his two young daughters.


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