Carmen Raal

Carmen Raal

Digital Transformation Adviser


While having lived abroad Carmen’s favourite aspect about introducing Estonia has always been our digital society and the simplicity of interacting with our state. Having previously worked at the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, Carmen has witnessed firsthand how the digital services enable us to focus more on human interaction and good quality service in general.

In addition, Carmen’s academic background in political science and her ongoing graduate degree in public administration and innovation has made it possible to go further into the “how?” and “why?” Estonia was molded into the digital state it is now.

Education: Public Administration and Innovation, MA (2023), Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Estonia; Liberal Arts, Lingnan University, Hong Kong; Government and Politics, BA, Tallinn University, Estonia

Specialities: e-Governance, cyber security, i-Voting, e-Health, international relations, public speaking


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