Marco Lopez

Marco Lopez Marin, Eng.

Research specialist

Department of Water Technology at UCT Prague

Ing. Marco Lopez is a research specialist in the Department of Water Technology at UCT Prague. He holds a master degree in environmental science and technology (IMETE) from Gent University, IHE institute for water education in Delft, and UCT Prague. His PhD dissertation deals with the improvement of cultivation approaches to increase the cultivation of environmental bacteria, and the description of novel bacterial taxa isolated from the environment. In the Department of Water Technology, he deals with the detection and enumeration of antibiotic resistant genes in the environment, and of organisms with epidemiological concern such as COVID-19 in wastewaters. He is a member of the REPARES team (Research Platform on Antibiotic Resistence Spread Through Wastewater Treatment Plants), which is a consortium made up of academic leaders from universities across Europe which establishes cooperation with leading European innovators and internationally renowned experts in the water-related antibiotic resistance field. The aim of the project is to advance the European community’s know-how on antibiotic resistance across sanitation waterways, which in the future will bring society closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations.


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