Eriona Canga

Eriona Canga, PhD

Researcher and Project Manager

alchemia-nova GmbH

Eriona is working as a researcher and project manager at alchemia-nova GmbH since December 2021. She was a Lecturer and researcher at POLIS University in Albania from 2018-2021. She has 13 years of international experience of education and work in Denmark Italy, and Austria where she has obtained competences in: EU Water Framework directive, Waste Management, hydro-geochemical properties of different filter materials, sustainable environmental eco-technologies, (waste)-water treatment, pharamaceuticals, phosphorus and nitrogen, etc. Since 2009, her research focuses in wastewater treatment using constructed wetlands. Expert in hydro-geochemistry of filter materials that optimize phosphorus and nitrogen removal from polluted waters of various sources. Interested in nature-based solutions for circular cities.


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