Hannes Klöpper

Hannes Klöpper

Co-founder and CEO


Hannes Klöpper is the Co-founder and CEO of HelloBetter, a global pioneer in the field of digital therapeutics (DTx) for mental health. So far, HelloBetter offers 10 DTx which were evaluated in 33 randomized controlled trials. No other provider worldwide has conducted as many clinical studies on the effectiveness of its online mental health courses. Within the German DiGA framework, as a pioneering approach globally, HelloBetter got four online therapy programs approved as a DiGA, making the digital therapeutics available on prescription and free of charge for 73 million people in Germany. Hannes is responsible for the overall strategy and investor relations at HelloBetter. From 2011 to 2017 he co-founded and led the edtech start-up iversity (now part of Springer Nature), an online platform specialising in higher education and professional development.


Other speakers in this event

Stanimir Hasurdzhiev


Stanimir Hasardzhiev, Dr.

Secretary General - Patient Access Partnership (PACT) / Secretary General - CEE4HEALTH / Genereal Director - National Patient Organisation (NPO) / Chairperson - Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine (BAPEMED)
Volker M. Lauschke


Volker M. Lauschke

Associate Professor and Group Leader in Personalized Medicine and Drug Development
Director of the Micro- and Nanoengineering Facility at Karolinska Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden, Deputy Head of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (IKP)
Elissavet Pavlitsa


Elissavet Pavlitsa

Products Services and Networking Director
Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED)
Bogi Eliassen


Bogi Eliasen

Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
Chair of the Danish UNESCO Bioethical Committee
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