Alexander Aleksiev headshot

Alexander Alexiev

CEO & Founder

SAT Health

Alexander Alexiev is CEO of SAT Health. He has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In the past 10 years he’s also been part of one of the largest analytics companies. He graduated with Technical Management degree from the University of Stuttgart. He holds a diploma from the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University of Business Administration.Since 2017 his work is dedicated to the start up company SAT Health. SAT Health is a certified provider of information and technology solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, analysis based on data from clinical practice and patient programs.


Other speakers in 2021

Eva Minkov headshot

South Africa

Eva Minkov

Managing Director, novex Pharma NBD
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Ella Balasa


Ella Balasa

Patient Advocate
Advocacy and Engagement Consultant
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