Sebastian Hermelin

Sebastian Hermelin

CEO & Co-founder

War On Cancer

After his best friend, Fabian, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2015, the two became aware that people with cancer and their loved ones have many needs that aren’t being met. Together they conceptualized an idea for a global platform – War On Cancer. What was first launched as a blog portal in 2016 has now grown into one of the world’s largest social apps that improves the lives of everyone impacted by cancer.

Currently, Sebastian is CEO at War On Cancer – a digital support tool that provides proven coping mechanisms for dealing with cancer.

Sebastian’s keynote speech will highlight how working in new ways across industries can create value for cancer patients in tangible ways. Sebastian has the keen ability to broaden Pharma professionals’ understanding on how their work brings value to the world and influences the lives of many. In so doing, he instills a sense of pride, excitement, and possibility, encouraging everyone, regardless of role, to become agents of change.

He also shares the story of how War On Cancer came to be; how he, together with his best friend Fabian, turned a cancer diagnosis into a community that helps people in more than 30 countries cope with cancer today.

“Through our combined experiences we decided to change the narrative of how cancer is perceived today and how that could benefit the patients of tomorrow. Why? Because we were naïve enough to think we could do it – now we know we can.”


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Stanimir Hasurdzhiev


Stanimir Hasardzhiev, Dr.

Secretary General - Patient Access Partnership (PACT) / Secretary General - CEE4HEALTH / Genereal Director - National Patient Organisation (NPO) / Chairperson - Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine (BAPEMED)
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