Sabine Lengger

Sabine Lengger

Silicon Austria Labs

Dr Sabine Lengger works on the analysis of (bio)chemicals with particular relevance to the environment. She holds a Dipl. Ing. (MSc) in Biotechnology from TU Graz and an MSc in Environmental Diagnostics from Cranfield University, and a PhD from the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. She has a strong international background with experience in Europe, Australia, and Japan, in both academia and industry. After working as an Assistant Professor in the UK (University of Plymouth), she has only recently taken up a position at Silicon Austria Labs, a new research centre in Austria situated at the interface between academia and industry, that aims to lead in electronic-based systems.

Dr Lengger has experience in a large range analytical techniques for complex matrices and multi-component mixtures, including chromatography and mass spectrometry and biosensors. She focuses on the development of methods and their application to important questions of relevance to the aqueous environment. The aim of her research is to enable the measurement of the previously unmeasurable, and to do so in the most sustainable, simple way.

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