Robert Janevski

Robert Janevski

Geneticist and Forensic Expert

Robert Janevski, geneticist and forensic expert that earned his M.Sc. and PhD at Staffordshire University – UK. He is founder of the Forensic DNA laboratory and Forensic DNA database within the Macedonian Police, with over 20 years experience as forensic scientist and over 10 years as laboratory manager. His close field of study was micro geographical population genetics exploring STR and SNP variations within Y chromosome, as well as species barcoding for combating environmental crime.

He is author or co-author of more than 15 scientific papers from the field of forensic genetic.

He has been active as advisor for implementation of ISO17025 in the forensic community for several domestic and foreign laboratories. More recently he has been appointed as European expert for the Capacity analysis of National Center for Criminalistic within the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, for the future implementation of activities under the action plan for Chapter 24, where he is currently active.

He is owner and chief scientist at Forensic and Security Service, a forensic consulting company. Together with the colleagues from Forensic Departments within the police of Austria and Slovenia, he was initiator of an ambitious project for the automated DNA exchange platform for the South Eastern European countries within Police cooperation Convention.

Recently his main filed of interest is personalized medicine, thus starting up a genetic counseling company G-Life, that designs own tests and unique follow up advisory platforms for its clients. He is also minor share holder in other genetic testing companies in Italy, UK and USA, thus committing to establishing a network of precise personalized medicine service, accessible to wider public.


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