Rachel Francine

Co-Founder, CEO

Musical Health Technologies (SingFit)

Rachel Francine is the CEO and Co-Founder of Musical Health Technologies whose music as medicine solution, SingFit, is used at more than 500 long term care facilities in the United States. In this role, she has had to navigate both the healthcare and music industries to successfully scale music as medicine.

Rachel is a frequent speaker on building preferable futures, innovation best practices, women in technology, and music as medicine for such diverse organizations as the United Nations, DTX Europe, Voice Global, the Professional Golfers Association,  the American Society on Aging and the Consumer Technologies Association. Rachel began working in interactive technologies in 1996 as a member of the CitySearch.com New Markets team and spent a decade transforming brick and mortar businesses into scalable technologies. Disappointed with the trajectory and goals of the commercial technology sector, in 2009 Rachel earned a master’s degree in Futures Studies from the University of Houston with a focus on Transformational Economics in order to build organizations that produce quadruple bottom-line results. Rachel also serves on the board of Teach the Future that works to embed critical and futures thinking into primary and high school classrooms.

About Musical Health Technologies aka SingFit


At Musical Health Technologies, our award-winning team of music therapists, product gurus and technologists combine a rapidly growing body of scientific research on the health benefits of prescribed singing with SingFit, our proprietary mobile music platform and content library. This innovative combination of medical science, app tech and popular songs allows us to mass distribute the benefits of music as medicine for the first time in history in order to successfully tackle many of our most vexing health care problem including dementia, autism and post depression. See for yourself why our award-winning, revenue-producing SingFit PRIME solutions for dementia care win rave reviews from our industry-leading customers and honors including the USC Keck School of Medicine Body Computing Prize and the AARP Caregving Award


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