Murthy S. S. S. Chavali Yadav

Prof. Dr. techn. Murthy S. S. S. Chavali Yadav

Executive Director

Aarsha Nanocomposite Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. techn. Murthy Chavali is Professor of Analytical Chemistry & Nanotechnology, serving as Director (PG Studies) of SVRM College, AP, India and Executive Director of Aarsha Nanocomposite Technologies Pvt. Ltd., AP, India.

He received his M.Sc. (Tech.) in Chemistry (1994) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India and Ph.D. Tech., (2000) in Analytical Chemistry from Technische Universität Wien, Austria. He was also Postdoctoral Fellow in USA, Japan (as JSPS and VBL Fellow) and Taiwan (NSC Fellow).

Prof. Dr. techn. Murthy CHAVALI has over 26 years of research experience; 11 years of industry experience and 19 years of teaching experience; also established 8 research laboratories, including a nano-characterization laboratory, along with BTech, M. Sc, MTech and PhD programs in Analytical Chemistry and Nanotechnology.

Up to the moment, he has received 68 international travel grants/fellowships for visiting abroad and visited around 52 countries. In 2020, he was selected for National Level Best PG Chemistry Teacher Award-2020 (Prof. Dr. Bhupendra Sahai Saxena Award-2020) Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT), India. In 2014, he was selected to the Top 40 Analytical Scientists (Power List) of the world by the survey conducted by the American Magazine (The Analytical Scientist). He received over 80 award certificates for his outstanding reviewing.

Prof. Dr. techn. Murthy CHAVALI published his research works in almost all the STEAMMM journals of high repute with high impact factor related to all sensors, nanomaterials, nano-polymer composites, nano-thin films; published over 268 articles/communiqués in various SCI journals; presented at 218 international and national seminars/symposia/conferences/workshops; responsible for over 150 technical reports; written 72 books/book chapters/monographs; delivered around 210 invited talks/lectures both at national and international levels; contributed towards 10 patents, as well. He was Principal/Co-principal Investigator/Collaborator/Reviewer for several national (DST-Fast Track, UGC, CSIR, DRDO) and international projects (DST-International). In the last 10 years in India, he had completed 9 R&D projects (2-ongoing). In total, he completed 47 national and international R&D projects.

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