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Petri Kiuru

CEO, co-founder of several it cloud service companies, health entrepreur and business partner of ZINZINO

Petri Kiuru is COB and Co-Founder of Picmiller, Co-Founder of Teagle Group Oy, CEO of

Stainless Oy and Business Partner of Zinzino which is a Swedish based evidence based nutrition digital platform.

Petri has been working over 30 years in Russian, Asian and European markets. His long experience has built up a very broad network in several countries.

After studying and investigating health challenges in various countries with local professionals he has found out that the challenges are more or less the same in most of the countries globally. Fortunately there are many natural ways to help and inspire people for better life. For him the most eye opening thing was to find out how the fatty acids can be one of the most important issues when talking about human body functions.

Now Petri is concentrating to help professional companies and private people building up and boosting their businesses in preventative health sector. Scalable health related business is closest to his heart and ability to help people especially in the countries with bigger challenges in both in business building and health issues.

Open for networking with health professionals.


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