Petar Shopov

Peter Shopov

Scientific Liaison/Human Genetics

NM Genomix

Mr. Peter Shopov has a Master Degree in Bioinformatics and holds a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

He works as a Scientific Liaison and has a demonstrated history in the Healthcare industry, Clinical Genetics, and Personalized Medicine. Mr. Shopov has more than 5-years’ experience with products across different healthcare fields, such as NIPT, Pharmacogenetics of psychiatric treatment, Oncology companion diagnostics, and Molecular Biology. His latest efforts are focused on supporting psychiatrists with regards to pharmacogenetic test result interpretation, advising physicians on complex patient cases related to genetic testing opportunities, sharing information about potential benefits, risks and limitations, monitoring of scientific data, identification and dissemination of clinically relevant conclusions to medical professionals, etc.

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