Petar Delchev headshot

Petar Delchev, PhD

Head of Laboratory

Eurofins HOS Testing Bulgaria EOOD (Part of Eurofins Scientific)

The PhD in Chemistry was just the beginning. A couple of jobs in different fields – telecom, software development and web business followed before landing back in the natural sciences. Currently working as a lead for the Food and Environment testing lab of Eurofins in Bulgaria. Music and kayaking as main hobbies, but sailing turned out to be major temptation.


Other speakers in 2021

Nevyana Ivanova headshot


Nevyana Ivanova, PhD

Molecular biologist in the molecular medicine centre / Department of medical chemistry and biochemistry
Medical University
Dr. Markus A. Dahlem


Markus A. Dahlem, Dr.

Newsenselab | The limits of Digital Therapeutics are the limits of the brain
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