Paul Epping

Serial Enterpreneur, Co-founder and Chairman


Paul Epping is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and chairman XponentialEQ and futurist. Experienced ExO coach (exponential transformation). He has a background in psychology, philosophy, information technology and worked as a clinician. Over 30 years of innovation experience in areas such as healthcare, education and technology. International expertise in development, implementation and management of innovative information technologies and exponential transformation. He has been working in multiple different cultures to learn and become more adaptable to changes while executing complicated projects. Former CIO of several hospitals in the Netherlands. Double alumnus of the Singularity University. Former Chapter lead Singularity University South-East Netherlands and Dubai. Co-chair of the Millennium Project, Dubai. Innovation, strategic technology advice and transformation management, have been the red threads throughout his career. Global keynote speaker about the impact of exponential technologies on companies across industries, governments and societies. Mentor of startups, author and Purpose driven, ‘boxless’ and exponential thinker, but transformative practical and acting incrementally.

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Prof. Dr. Dobrin Svinarov, MD. PhD, Dr. Med Sc

Head of Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Pharmacology at Alexandrovska University Hospital / Chairman of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Sofia / President of the Bulgarian Society of Clinical laboratory