Panko Stanchev

Drug Safety Specialist

PharmaLex Bulgaria

Panko Stanchev is ambitious, multilingual Master of Science graduate from King’s College London, with established scientific knowledge in the pharmaceutical and drug development areas. He is a passionate researcher looking for setting new foundations of future biotechnology environment in Bulgaria.

Currently, he is working as a Drug Safety specialist in PharmaLex Bulgaria. He has a history of working both in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Panko Stanchev holds a Master of Science degree- Drug Development Science from King’s College London and First class Honours degree- Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Greenwich London.

His two dissertation topics focused on exploring new innovative products for the treatments of cancer indications including manufacturing of curcumin analogues as useful products for targeting solid tumours and the approaches used for developing of Bispecific antibodies for oncology.

Panko’s interests are in the fields of: personalized medicine, immunotherapies, biological products and ATMPs for the treatment of rare diseases and cancer.

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