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Momchil Baev, MPH, PhD

Single Step Foundation

Momchil Baev has more than 10 years of experience in the field of healthcare on various issues including sexual health and HIV/AIDS. He holds a PhD in Social Medicine and management of healthcare and pharmacy and a Master’s in Public Health Management from the Medical University of Sofia. He has been devoted to research, patients’ access and quality of care. Currently he is leading the Sexual Health & HIV Program of Single Step Foundation, introducing innovative approaches to improve access to services and care for most-at-risk populations. He ran the first national HIV self-testing initiative in Bulgaria and brought HIV testing to every corner of the country.

During the pandemic of COVID-19 he provides consultation services for people living with HIV and LGBT people on safety in the context of the coronavirus. He is committed to diversifying HIV testing in Bulgaria and making it accessible to everyone, particularly to groups at risk.

Over the years, he had carried different responsibilities, working in the field of HIV including outreach, education and prevention, policy changes. He worked as an expert in preparation of the national HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs of the Ministry of Health since 2016 and was a member of the expert group on the national guidelines for monitoring and treatment of HIV positive adults. He is a member of the permanent consultative body on HIV to the Minister of health and of the International AIDS Society.


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