Mira Ganova headshot

Mira Ganova, PhD


DHI Cluster Bulgaria

Mira Ganova holds a PhD from in the field of organization, management and business communications. Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Health Management. Her professional career began 13 years ago, during which time she worked in the fields of communications and management activities in marketing and advertising, energy, politics and healthcare. In 2017 he holds the position of Director of the Public Relations Directorate of the Bulgarian Medical Association, and since 2019 he is the Executive Director of the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria.


Other speakers in 2021

Petri Kiuru headshot


Petri Kiuru

CEO, co-founder of several it cloud service companies, health entrepreur and business partner of ZINZINO
Andrew Fried

United Kingdom

Andrew Fried

Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Leader
IBM Europe
Nevyana Ivanova headshot


Nevyana Ivanova, PhD

Molecular biologist in the molecular medicine centre / Department of medical chemistry and biochemistry
Medical University
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