Dr. Markus A. Dahlem

Markus A. Dahlem, Dr.


Newsenselab | The limits of Digital Therapeutics are the limits of the brain

I’m a theoretical physicist turned neuroscientist turned digital health entrepreneur.

My academic background leads me to think in first principles. It never ceases to amaze me: Our brains can produce their own drugs and reprogram themselves, but the conventional “bench to bedside” linear pharmaceutical model neglects these capabilities. Newsenselab’s approach to digital therapeutics will turn this conventional model on its head.

We see real world-data not only as an important source of evidence, but also as a source in reverse translation to the path of new discoveries.


Newsenselab GmbH has developed M-sense Migraine, the world’s first migraine app on prescription. The medical app helps migraine sufferers to reduce their headaches and deal with their illness in a self-determined manner. The innovative digital treatment program was developed together with leading headache specialists.



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