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Luke Buchanan

Co-Founder & CEO


Luke Buchanan is a health technology professional based in the United States with a proven track record in scaling health enabling, patient access driven solutions.  Luke started his career in new product development.  Successfully scaling multiple products in the Patient Access space to several million in ARR; including two that eclipsed $50MM in just two years. Later moving into pharmaceutical data science and analytics space, Luke developed and implemented many contemporary data strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturers centric to the patient journey, access, and adherence.

Before founding Redi.Health in 2021, Luke spent several years leading the Pharma customer success team at CoverMyMeds –  a company acquired by McKesson for $1.4B in 2017.

Luke is now the Founder and CEO of Redi.Health – a venture backed health tech company.  Redi is an adherence-based, mobile health management platform focused on providing complex poly-chronic patients tools to meet their unique daily health needs, while seamlessly connecting them to eligible support they may not have ease of access to today.


In 2021 Redi.Health was founded with a simple goal: Empower patients to take control of and contribute to their health journey. We believe that when it comes to healthcare, the patient is often forgotten and left to navigate the overwhelming world of healthcare on their own. To fix this problem we developed Redi.Health. Redi puts more simplified tools in the hands of patients than ever before and creates novel pathways of connectivity to the support and resources patients wouldn’t otherwise have access to. It’s simple – we believe in patients and giving them the tools to take control of their health.


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