Liliya Evtimova-Tichev

Liliya Evtimova-Tichev

Validation/Qualification Engineer for Quality Assurance

Lonza, Netherlands

Liliya Evtimova-Tichev graduated with a BSc degree in Biotechnology with French and Biobusiness and MSc degree in Applied Molecular Biology with Industrial Placement from the School of Medical Sciences of University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She specialized in Cancer molecular biology in the Institute for Cell Biology and Immunology in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since 2017, Liliya has joined the pharmaceutical industry as a Global trainee at Novartis Technical Operations (NTO). As part of an accelerated development program (STEP) based on three international rotations across Quality and MS&T across different technology platforms, Liliya has developed experience in Solids and Mammalian and Microbial Manufacturing from a QA, QC and Operational manufacturing point of view. Liliya lived in Germany, Austria and Slovenia while working for Novartis.

Due to immense interest in ATMPs manufacturing and tech transfer, Liliya decided to join Lonza Netherlands earlier this year as a Validation Specialist for Quality Assurance.

Liliya enjoys being part of international creative and dynamic teams. Her multicultural and global experience lead her to thrive and work in challenging environments. She is passionate about innovation in the field of Medical Sciences, Diversity and Inclusion, Digitalization, Continuous Improvement, Six-Sigma and Lean Management.

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