Laura Wamprecht headshot

Laura Wamprecht

Managing Director

Flying Health

Laura Wamprecht is the Managing Director at Flying Health and oversees there the Partnership Program, which defines the framework for collaboration with partner companies. The biochemist joined the company as the first employee back in 2015 and during this time gained a strong understanding and broad market knowledge in the still emerging branch of digital health in Germany and Europe. Through close collaboration with the leading players in the healthcare industry and the startup-world, she developed & accompanied numerous market entry strategies for digital health products. As one of the leading digital health experts in Germany, she has contributed her knowledge in various publications (e.g. Bundesgesundheitsblatt) and is a regularly requested expert for keynote speeches and panel discussions.

About Flying Health

Flying Health pioneers business in next generation healthcare. By guiding industry leaders and entrepreneurs in our Pioneer Programwe work at the forefront of tomorrow’s healthcare.

The Flying Health Pioneer Program helps industry leaders navigate the digital healthcare system, offering an ecosystem for innovative value chains based on experienced corporate foresight for business in the next generation of healthcare.

Working with innovative health startups we focus on market access strategies and design new business models for the future of healthcare. We provide a great network within our ecosystem and enable fruitful partnerships.


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