Issam Sawaya

Issam Sawaya, MBA, BS

Chief Executive Officer / General Manager

Pierre Fabre Medicament & Santé

Mr. Sawaya is a General Manager for the Middle East and the Representative Office, Pierre Fabre Medicament & Santé, Lebanon. Before being in this position, he has been the Oncology Division Area Director- Middle East in the company. In the period between May 1998 and Aug 2001 he has been Country Sales & Marketing Manager at Novartis Consumer Health.

Issam Sawaya is a consummately professional Executive Officer, bringing expertise in sales and marketing strategy and operations, and more than 27 years of quality experience and established networks across the Middle East.  He could boast with a proven track record of exceptional leadership skills, and consistency in exceeding individual and organizational targets year-on-year. Issam has expertise in the dynamics of the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical sectors, as well as high-level, transferable marketing, business development, and leadership skills. He is analytic, and innovative in designing and onboarding the best staff, tools, and process developments to ensure maximum efficacy and profits, whilst remaining strategic, efficient, and decisive in delivering policies and education opportunities to ensure all human resources are operating at maximum productivity. Additionally, he is focused on continuous improvement and a strive for excellence, combined with management experience as an effective communicator leading multi-cultural and multidisciplinary teams, a leader who takes full responsibility for team outcomes, and who lives and leads in accordance with organizational values, vision, and missions, with intentionality, and with strategic direction.

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