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Ghada Ibrahim

Patient Advocate


I am a member of the Swiss non-profit association, Patient Advocates for Cancer Research and Treatment (PACRT) whose goal is to bring the patients central role to the forefront of all aspects of cancer research and policy making mechanisms.

I am a medical entomologist by training, with extensive experience in basic science research, namely in the field of tropical medicine, with a focus on mosquito borne diseases. I hold two Masters degrees from Cairo, Egypt and Wisconsin, United States. My last laboratory post was with the University of Lausanne while working on Malaria vaccines. After deciding on a career change, I worked as Clinical Studies Coordinator at the Geneva University hospitals and obtained a diploma in Clinical Trial Management from the University of Geneva. Since then I have been directing my focus in the workplace to the management of clinical trials with an emphasis on upholding the primordial dogmas of the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of the patient.

As an ardent patient advocate, but not a patient myself, I believe that we would all, at some point in our lives be touched by disease and therefore acknowledge the importance of the active involvement of society as a whole so as to be sensitized to others and thereby garner empathy and a consciousness for humanity. I also believe that the future lies in precision medicine and a more converging approach which, ultimately, would be for the better health of the individual.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland with my husband and two children.


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