Georgi Natchev

Georgi Natchev



I am the Chief Magician. My role is to inspire the team & support everyone’s creativity. I am utterly obsessed with user pains and constantly on the look of ways to empower people to reach their personal peak potential and lead a fulfilling life.

Burnout has been a long-time love affair of mine. While I have never burned out truly badly, I tend to overwork myself, develop a tunnel vision, and often lead a life on the extremes. Over the years I’ve been losing my smile often enough to conclude it is a time for a change. Working on solutions for myself, I started Digiburn to ensure whatever conclusions I may encounter would be shared with others too.

In my eyes the world is an amazing place, and each human is a miracle. Every individual possesses unlimited potential to anything desired. Sometimes all we need a little external feedback to keep on track. Here comes Digiburn as your personal mirror and considerate sparring partner along the way of positive change.

Lastly, I am genuinely excited about Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and believe firmly this is the future of Healthcare and an important building block of patient-centricity. We are living in exciting times of shifting paradigms, which only enable us make leapfrog jumps and dive into a more patient-centric, personalized & futuristic way of dealing with various conditions.


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