Elissavet Pavlitsa

Elissavet Pavlitsa

Products Services and Networking Director

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED)

Elissavet as a Products Services and Networking Director (PSN) combines different aspects for two different things:

From the point of view of Products and Services, she drives and implements an innovative and consistent approach towards policies and strategies to support the products and services of iED. Responsible for the EUcalls.net platform Elissavet undertakes issues that come up with customers and the new collaborations, promoting and disseminating the platform to Third Parties.

And from the point of view of Networking, she develops networking activity and maintains strong relationships with targeted audience and key stakeholders. Working collaboratively and communicating with the audience the emerging opportunities and the impact of the European programmes’ ecosystem changes to benefit from, and assisting the collaboration between stakeholders, she aims in shaping strong project partnerships and creating winning proposals.


Other speakers in this event

Bogi Eliassen


Bogi Eliasen

Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
Chair of the Danish UNESCO Bioethical Committee
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