Daniel Dowd

Daniel Dowd, PharmD, RPh

Vice President of Medical Affairs


Daniel Dowd is Vice President of Medical Affairs at Genomind – a unique personalized medicine platform that brings innovation to healthcare around the world. Genomind, comprised of pioneering scientists and thought leaders in psychiatry, neurology and genetics, delivers actionable insights to clinicians, healthcare partners and individuals in order to improve the quality of human life. Currently, he leads a team of Medical Affairs professionals to inform clinicians about genetic biomarkers that influence mental health outcomes. Dr. Dowd is also responsible for development, design and testing of technological platforms to enhance delivery of mental health. In addition, he initiates, develops and monitors progress of pharmacogenetic trials and collaborates with key opinion leaders to enhance delivery of pharmacogenetic information/best practices.

Daniel Dowd has been a part of Genomind’s expert team for more than five years, starting as Medical Science Liaison in 2015. Before joining Genomind, he worked as a Supervising Pharmacist and Pharmacy District Manager for several companies.

In the period between 2004 and 2017 Daniel Dowd was Professor of Pharmacology at City University of New York (CUNY).

Dr. Dowd has a number of scientific publications in the field of Genetics/ Pharmacogenetics and Mental Health/ Psychiatry.

Daniel Dowd holds Bachelor degree in Biology from State University of New York: Binghamton and in 2004 he graduated as Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy: Rutgers University. He is an expert pharmacologist with specialty in pharmacogenetics and he has the ability to seamlessly marry gaps in healthcare administration to novel technological solutions.


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