Boyan Doganov

Ethics Committee for Clinical Trials

Dr. Doganov has graduated the Medical Academy in Sofia and his specialties include Infectious diseases and Epidemiology. He has graduated Pharmacoeconomics at Monash University, Australia. Dr. Doganov has high ethical standards supported by principles like trust, good behavior, fairness, and kindness. All of this being consistent with an impressive experience of more than 35 years in the healthcare. After being a physician for some 1o years, he joined the representation office of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. He spent more than 2 years managing the clinical trials of the company locally and got high level training in GCP and clinical trial management. Then he held different positions, including top management positions in health care and member of the Bulgarian health care reform team. He was acting as local, regional and international expert in healthcare, working with international institutions like World Bank, Global Fund for HIV/AIDS and attending as a speaker international events in pharmaceutical management and project management. He also has an extensive experience as a trainer in Good Clinical Practice, Medical Writing, Communication, Clinical Research Monitoring and Management. Dr. Doganov is currently deputy-chairman of the Ethics Committee for Clinical Trials in Bulgaria.

Other speakers in 2020


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