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Boryana Gerasimova

Healthcare entrepreneur, patient advocate, motivational speaker

Founder of Re:Gena

Boryana Gerasimova is a healthcare entrepreneur and a board member of the Bulgarian Healthcare Development Association.

Following her passion in innovation, healthcare and social change, she works for the development and implementation of highly personalized biotechnology solutions based on genetic testing, mainly in the field of nutrigenomics. Boryana has multiple publications in the field and as an entrepreneur she has created two projects in this field – she is a founder of the biotechnology brand Re:Gena, and until 2018 co-founder and CEO of NutriGen.

As a cancer survivor herself, she is a cause-driven, health-conscious role model, a motivational speaker and an active patient advocate, focusing on the communication of healthcare innovation and the importance of disease prevention. She strongly believes in the power of informed decision making in healthcare, especially aiming at the improvement of the quality of life of healthy people as well as patients with chronic conditions and during cancer remission.

Her work as an innovator and manager is featured in Forbes Magazine and The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) for Bulgaria 2015/2016, and she is among the finalists of the National Next Generation Business Leadership Competition for 2017.

She has MSc in Informatics and Computer Technologies, and vast IT experience in the fields of Bioinformatics, Genetic data interpretation, Big Data, Medical Imaging and AI, Banking, Finance, Brokerage, and Enterprise Sustainability Management.


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