Autumn Dawn Lang

Autumn Dawn Lang, PhD, RAC

Co-Founder & CEO

confinis CPM AG

Accomplished strategic clinical affairs leader with effective negotiation and communication skills. Demonstrated compliance of over 20 years in diverse clinical affair roles in the medical device and clinical research industry. Understands what stakeholders’ value most in outsourcing their clinical research: accomplished team (been there, learned that), reliable team (low or no turnover during project) and affordable (no passive overhead costs).

Specialty is chartering the clinical research pathway to market access and commercialization for medical device companies. Innovating from a proven concept by being able to answer questions about what kind of clinical data is needed, where is the best environment to obtain this clinical data and ensuring economic clinical data is gathered to bridge the time to reimbursement and/or tipping point of commercialization.

Clinical research business know-how on driving new streams of revenue and understanding why growth is critical for the clinical research industry in the medical device sector. Medical devices have no geographical development boundaries.

Other speakers in 2020

Dobrin Svinarov


Prof. Dr. Dobrin Svinarov, MD. PhD, Dr. Med Sc

Head of Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Pharmacology at Alexandrovska University Hospital / Chairman of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Sofia / President of the Bulgarian Society of Clinical laboratory
Paul Epping

United Arab Emirates

Paul Epping

Serial Enterpreneur, Co-founder and Chairman
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