Assist. Prof. Dr. Veselin Petrov

Chief assistant professor at the Department of Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Genetic

Agricultural University, Plovdiv

Dr. Veselin Petrov is a chief assistant professor at the Department of Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Genetic of the Agricultural University, Plovdiv, where he teaches Animal and Plant Biochemistry. He is also a postdoctoral researcher at the Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB).

Dr. Petrov graduated at the University of Plovdiv, where he defended a PhD thesis in the field of plant abiotic stress. He has also specialized in Italy (University of Turin), Belgium (VIB-UGENT Center of for Plant Systems Biology), Germany (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology) and Switzerland (University of Zurich).

The research interests of Dr. Petrov include plant stress physiology, plant biochemistry, signal transduction mechanisms and use of biostimulants to mitigate abiotic stress in agriculture. Currently he is studying the molecular mechanisms of abiotic stress tolerance of the resurrection plant Haberlea rhodopensis and the mechanisms of action of a seaweed-based biostimulant. His tasks at CPSBB include also preparation and management of research projects.

Dr. Petrov is a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and was a guest editor of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS).

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