Anne-Charlotte Fauvel

Anne-Charlotte Fauvel

Head of European Affairs at EATRIS

Board Member at EUPATI

Anne-Charlotte Fauvel is a European strategic funding and advocacy expert, who has been actively involved in the European Research Infrastructures ecosystem since 2014 and is currently Head of EU Affairs at EATRIS, the European Research Infrastructure for Translational Medicine. She is a French native and Belgian resident, who graduated cum laude with Double Masters in EU Affairs and International Relations from Aston University (UK) and Institut d’Etudes Politiques (FR). Over the years, Anne-Charlotte has helped expand public investment and governmental support in EATRIS and has also specialized in advocacy work towards European policymakers and other strategic stakeholders. Recently, she has been leading EATRIS’ commitment to strengthen patient engagement in translational research, notably through a partnership with the European Patients’ Forum. Since 2020, Anne-Charlotte is also a Board Member of EUPATI, a Foundation committed to enhancing patient engagement through patient education.


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