Ani Vladimirova

Ani Vladimirova

Psychologist and NLP Expert

Ani Vladimirova is founder and manager of the first in Bulgaria website for electronic therapy: (2003) and over 20 years of experience in the field of practical psychology. As a company psychologist, she has established a system of training tests for various professional skills, trainings for communication skills development, accepting behavior and conflict solving.

Simultaneously, she has been practicing psychotherapy with clients. Since 2003, she has been performing free diagnosis of children aged 5 to 15 with behavioral, emotional and educational issues. Based on her practice as a child psychologist, she has created her own program promoting mental health in children aged 6-11, currently being implemented in some schools in Sofia. A Project Coordinator of the School and Health Association. She has created her own program for the development of creative thinking in children 6-11 years (included in the European Yearbook of Innovative Psychological Methods).

Since 2003, she is a member of the Board of Directors of Thorax, the first chain of private outpatient centers and hospitals in Bulgaria. A keynote speaker in trainings for youth leaders, counseling, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, as well as in the practical trainings of students in Psychology. She has publications and reports on the methods of promoting mental health (4th National Meeting of the Bulgarian Association for Knowledge Management), on the issues of psychotherapy in children with neuromuscular dystrophy (International Congress of Neuromuscular Dystrophy). She presented a paper on Remote Counseling at the 5th Congress of Psychology in Sofia. She has 15 years of practical experience in selecting participants for reality formats according to pre-set personal characteristics and behavioral profiles. Author of the True Stories psychological reality (67 episodes, broadcast by the largest Bulgarian television channel, bTV).

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