Anand Parikh headshot

Anand Parikh

CEO & Founder

Stealth Stage Cancer Company

I am the Founder and CEO of an early stage cancer company. My co-founders are some of the preeminent names in cancer metabolism today and we are exploring the metabolic basis of cancer. We are hiring for a variety of roles in the US and the UK, so please reach out to me if you know anyone phenomenal!


Other speakers in 2021

Ivanka Dimova headshot


Ivanka Dimova

Head of the Laboratory of Genomic Diagnostics at the Center for Molecular Medicine
Medical University of Sofia
Kip Olmstead


Kip Olmstead

President | Chief Marketing Officer | Chief Customer Officer | COO | CPG and Biotech Board Advisor | Helping Big and Small Companies Find a Way to Win | Army Veteran

The Netherlands

Erik Steinfelder

Biobanking Market Development Director
Thermo Fisher Scintific
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