Alexey Savov headshot

Alexey Savov

Head of the National Genetic Laboratory - Sofia

Professor Savov graduated from Sofia University with a degree in Molecular Biology and a degree in Genetics. In 1991 he joined the team of the Laboratory of Molecular Pathology (National Genetic Laboratory) at the Medical University of Sofia. His work is related to the introduction of methods for genetic diagnosis of certain rare diseases. In 1995 he defended his PhD thesis on “Molecular characteristics of cystic fibrosis in Bulgaria”. In 2011, Professor Savov became head of the National Genetic Laboratory. His interests are in the field of rare diseases, pharmacogenetics, prenatal and preimplantation genetics, and screening programs. He is a member of numerous international and national organizations. Professor Savov has over 200 scientific publications, and his works have been cited over 1000 times.


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