The British Embassy in Sofia and the UK Science & Innovation Network in Bulgaria would like to invite you to:

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

training & workshop
Laboratory Complex, Sofia Tech Park, room 125
111B Tsarigradsko shouse Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

This UK-Bulgarian event will offer the UK expertise and will bring together industry and research in Bulgaria to raise awareness in intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer (TT) in biotechnology and pharma. It will be implemented by the UK S&I and Innovation Network in Bulgaria, in partnership with the Biotech Atelier, and as a follow-up of the Biotech Business (2B) workshop which took place on 15 March 2019 in Sofia Tech Park.

Approximately 50 senior participants from Bulgarian biotech SMEs, Bulgarian patent Office, Tech transfer offices of Sofia and Plovdiv Universities, Sofia Invest Agency and the Joint Innovation Centre of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will attend. UK world recognised experts will give two 90-minutes lectures on IP and TT, followed by two interactive workshops where the Bulgarian participants will have the opportunity to practice through real-case situations.

Our UK keynote speakers will be Dr. Stoyan Radkov, founder and director of Priority IP Ltd. and Dr. Ingrid Kelly Spillmann, an UK and European Patent Attorney, currently a TT Manager at Institute of Science and Technology Austria.

Stoyan will tell us why the IP and in particular patents are the most important asset for any research and/or technology based commercial or educational organisation. The global Patent filing strategy should form part of the overall growth strategy of the organisation where professional advice should be sought at inception. The participants will learn the guiding principles on patent drafting, global filing and national prosecution of valid and enforceable patents. Post patent grant strategy will also be unveiled.

Ingrid will start with an introduction to the history of University TT, trends and shifts within Europe and worldwide. She will present an overview of the full range and variety of tasks and competencies required by today’s TT officers, and provide insights into building the right team. Then, she will dive into details in how to deal with jointly-owned inventions. Collaborating with and licensing to industry will also be a major focus of discussion. Finally, Ingrid will share some of her experiences in creating and supporting university spin-offs, from the dual perspectives of a TT office and a venture fund.

Expression of interest

If you are interested in participating in the ‘Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer’ training & workshop, please send us your Expression of Interest no later than Saturday, 31 August 2019 by filling in the following information:


The event will be held in English and no translation will be provided.

Our Speakers


Dr. Stoyan Radkov

Director & Founder of Priority IP Ltd.
Dr. Stoyan Radkov

Dr. Stoyan Radkov is director and founder of Priority IP Ltd.

He obtained his PhD in viral oncology from Imperial College London, UK.
Stoyan has a wealth of experience in undertaking DD work, FTO, patentability, validity and infringement opinions, IP landscape analysis, patent application drafting and filing, global patent prosecution, life-cycle management and strategic advice.

One of his strengths is his ability to rapidly grasp technically and scientifically demanding concepts, which clearly and succinctly to explain to others, especially to the members of EPO. His main area of expertise is in the field of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals.

Since February 2017, Stoyan has been elected as European Patent Institute Council Member, UK.


Dr. Ingrid Kelly Spillmann

TT Manager at Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Dr. Ingrid Kelly Spillmann

Dr. Ingrid Kelly Spillmann is an experienced Technology Transfer Professional, currently managing the life sciences technology portfolio at IST Austria. Qualified European, UK and Swiss Patent Attorney with a background pharma/biotech.

She has a BA Degree in Natural Sciences (Biochemistry) and a PhD in Molecular Biology from University of Cambridge, UK. Dr. Spillmann also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London.

Dr. Spillmann is the author of “Patents for Technology Transfer – A Practical Guide” (December 2016).


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