Special Edition on

Water and Biotechnologies

Part 2

Part 2 of our Conference on Water and Biotechnologies is coming up and you are kindly invited to book the date in your calendar:

Tuesday, 09 November 2021

Virtual event

Potable Water & Biotechnologies

In this traditional panel we search for the overlaps between potable water and biotechnological advancements. Specific topics include water treatment, laboratory and on-site analytical methods, evolution of sensors, the water impact of health. The panel brings together sector practitioners involved in treating and distributing water, researchers, health and nutritional experts and analysts. The panel is recurring in every edition of the Water & Biotechnologies Atelier and aims to dig more deeply in evolving areas of research such as gut microbiome (and the impact it gets from water quality), mineral deficiencies and how water can cause/prevent them, etc.

Wastewater & Biotechnologies

Wastewater treatment is a topic of growing importance in the water sector and one that is closely linked to biotechnologies mainly due to biological and nature-based treatment methods, environmental monitoring and related topics. In the last couple of years, however, the topic of epidemiological surveillance through wastewater analysis gained prominence and this panel inevitably covers this angle. Specific sub-topic of interest is antimicrobial resistance. The Biotech Atelier Water Edition has already elaborated some of the subjects, but our interest is sustainable Not least, in the context of climate change, adaptation and resource recovery the panel will also emphasize on water re-use.

AI and Water – a meeting point

Water (and sanitation) is a data-intensive sector. While traditionally the sector collected and analyzed tons of data related to hydraulic parameters such as flow and pressure, in recent years the amount of data grew exponentially by including various water-quality parameters and, since recently, epidemiological and other surveillance-based data. These trends are a pre-condition for deep dive into data, patterns and causal relationships. This new for us panel explores the topic in more details.

Call for Speakers

Submissions are reviewed by the Biotech Atelier conference team. Biotech atelier expects the speaker to honour his/her commitment to present the proposed session at the subject event session or article. Alternatively, you can email your speaker’s proposal to registration@biotech-atelier.com

Call for Speakers deadline
30 September 2021

Biotech Atelier always aims to promote the dialogue between companies, start-ups, and businesses in the area of biotechnological developments. To achieve this, we unitе key stakeholders across the field in a Special Edition Atelier focused on “Water and Biotechnologies”. If you are interested in presenting to executive-level utility representatives, consultants and financial professionals involved in the water field, we want to hear from you. We are looking for presentations covering – but not limited to – the following topics and case studies as they relate to the funding of “Potable water”, “Wastewater” and “Water & Artificial Intelligence”.

Some of our speakers

Dr. Laura H. Kahn headshot


Laura H. Kahn, Dr.

Research scholar
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University
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