Precision Medicine: From Breakthroughs to Patient Benefit and Advancement in Direct to Consumer Testing

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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

11:30 – 17:50 CEST (online event)

Organised by NM Genomix

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Not long ago, personalised medicine was a topic from the future. This is not the case anymore. Personalised medicine is the new reality in healthcare. In this conference flow, we look at the advances, practices and challenges that are posed to different stakeholders in personalised medicines around the globe. We will cover the fields of psychiatry, neurology, prenatal and neonatal diagnostics, the microbiome and nutrigenetics, and genetic testing for better lifestyle choices.


Psychiatry: Pharmacogenetics and Personalised Practices

Neurology: Precision Medicine and Management

Prenatal and Neonatal Diagnostics

The Microbiome and Nutrigenetics

Genetic Testing for Better Lifestyle


All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST) / UTC+2

 – 12:30

The Microbiome and Nutrigenetics

Assoc. Prof. Milena Georgieva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
MD, PhD Olga Antonova, Medical University of Sofia, Re:Gena
Dr. Nikolaus Gasche, Biome Diagnostics
Prof. Dr. (M.D., PhD, CHTC, Hom) Sarper Diler, Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty,

 – 13:00


 – 14:00

Non-invasive Prenatal and Neonatal Testing

Dr. Dimitar Georgiev

Prof. Alexey Savov
Dr. Hristo Ivanov
Joanna Dragneva
Dr. Dimitrina Konstantinova
Alekhya Narravula
Dr. Stephan Busche

 – 15:00

Lifestyle and Health Advances

Dr. Dimitar Georgiev

Robert Yanevski
Boryana Gerassimova
Petri Kiuru

 – 15:20

Keynote lecture

This Time It's Personal: Precision Mental Health Solutions for Better Care

Kip Olmstead

 – 16:20

Psychiatry: Pharmacogenetics and Personalised Practices

Russell Amato, Genomind

Mr. Petar Shopov, NMGenomix
PharmD, BCPP Seema Patel, Genomind
Kristina Russeva, MD, Psychiatrist
Simone Spichak, Entrepreneur, Neuroscientist and Journalist

 – 16:40

Keynote Lecture


Daniel Dowd, Genomind

 – 17:45

Neurology: precision medicine and management

Dr. Dimitar Georgiev

Dee McKnight
Prof. Dr. Victoria Sarafian
Prof. Dr. Dobrin Svinarov
Dr. Diana Barca
Dr. Neviana Ivanova

 – 17:50

Closing Remarks

Moderators and Speakers

Alexey Savov headshot


Alexey Savov

Head of the National Genetic Laboratory - Sofia
Boryana Gerasimova headshot


Boryana Gerasimova

Healthcare entrepreneur, patient advocate, motivational speaker
Founder of Re:Gena
Kristina Russeva headshot


Christina Rousseva

Clinician, Psychiatrist
Mental Health Clinic ‘ Cozma and Damian’, Plovdiv
Kip Olmstead


Kip Olmstead

President | Chief Marketing Officer | Chief Customer Officer | COO | CPG and Biotech Board Advisor | Helping Big and Small Companies Find a Way to Win | Army Veteran
Nevyana Ivanova headshot


Nevyana Ivanova, PhD

Molecular biologist in the molecular medicine centre / Department of medical chemistry and biochemistry
Medical University
Olga Antonova headshot


Olga Antonova, MD, PhD

Chief assistant professor at the Department of Medical Genetics, Medical University of Sofia
Medical geneticist, Re:Gena®
Petri Kiuru headshot


Petri Kiuru

CEO, co-founder of several it cloud service companies, health entrepreur and business partner of ZINZINO
Dobrin Svinarov


Prof. Dr. Dobrin Svinarov, MD. PhD, Dr. Med Sc

Head of Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Pharmacology at Alexandrovska University Hospital / Chairman of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Sofia / President of the Bulgarian Society of Clinical laboratory
Russell Amato headshot

United States

Russel Amato

Senior Medical Science Liaison
About NM Genomix

NM Genomix’s main aim is to introduce and implement the latest medical technologies available in interest of patients. By providing innovative medical products, diagnostic solutions and services of the highest quality, we strive to provide our customers with access to the highest standards in healthcare. The company’s activity is focused on the integration of globally established genetic analyses and diagnostics to the Bulgarian market. The fields of interest are diverse, but still each of them with extreme importance for us and our clients – prenatal (NIPT) and neonatal tests, diagnostics for prediction, evaluation and monitoring the effectiveness of therapy for cancer patients, according to the individual profile of the disease, as well as pharmacogenetic tests that allow clinicians to choose the most appropriate therapy and optimize treatment regimens for patients with psychiatric disorders. Our newest additions to the portfolio of tests – Microbiome Passport and LifeGenomix, that analyse gut microbiome of each individual (Microbiome Passport) and different genes related to lifestyle – nutrition, fitness and skin (LifeGenomix) allow the consumer to achieve a better way of living suited to their individual profile and genetic characteristics.

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